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Your own Windows 10 Virtual Desktop NOW easier to avail with FREE 5 Days TRIAL

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Touch screen Enabled Virtual Desktop Solutions for you -: We are excited to announce NO COST 5 DAY TRIAL on yet another addition to our touch screen enabled Virtual Desktop solution with Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Solutions starting at just $24/Month after TRIAL period

NO COST 5 DAY TRIAL and 24/7 Monitoring & E-Mail Alert Service.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktops are Intricately fine tuned for Anytime Anywhere access with economical monthly pricing our Virtual Desktop Solutions extend functionalities that will make your everyday computing easier and improve productivity. Our Virtual Desktop solution offers:-

Complete and Full Desktop Experience :- Unveil the complete anytime anywhere PC desktop experience as never before with powerful computing configurations of 8 Core or 16 Core or 24 Core Intel CPUs that are backed with RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent NAND) enabled SSD Drives. Super fast and powerful performance that will empower your productivity for daily computing needs.

Cross Platform or Device - Any time Any where Access :- HTML5 based program which requires no addons like java or flash or anything and it works on any HTML5 enabled browser. No more headaches of RDP Client Software Installations and maintaining updates of RDP Software. Our browser enabled access to your virtual desktop saves your overall bandwidth consumption.

Access your work or personal Desktop from any location at any time just with the help of an internet enabled device. Flexibility of access via Windows, Android or iOS operating system. Ease up your anytime, anywhere access to your virtual desktop with use of any access device.....Be it your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart phone.

New-Gen Virtual Desktop - Preloaded MS Office :- An Easily manageable Virtual Desktop solution that is enabled with touchscreen feature and with loaded features of productivity applications meant for real-time office experience. Elevate your mobility without any downsides to your productivity.

Datasoft has designed a Realm based authentication policy with complete SSL encryption and compression right from the time you login to your virtual desktop till the last keystroke on your virtual desktop before you log off. This, ensures a secure connection and protection to your established sessions.

With No Contract & Hidden Fees, Monthly Billing and a Low price starting from just $24/Mo, the range of Virtual Desktop solutions can be a blessing to transform your daily life.

To get a first hand experience for a No cost 5 Day TRIAL visit www.datasoft.ws OR chat with our specialists 24/7


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