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Linux Mint 17.2 Totally Portable on Ext HD



I have already read some amount of article on the subject but I remain confused. I am completely new to Linux.

I am looking for a clear, trustful instruction on the following:

I would like to have Linux Mint 17.2 installed (persistent) on an external HD with no intervention into Windows 7 64bit system.

This means the Linux on external HD (NTSF partition?) will be completely portable an usable on any PC.

I would like to activate Linux only and automatically in the moment I connect the disk to a PC (no rebooting, etc). I have read that this is quite possible by using GRUB installed on the external drive (how?) or By using any Content Filter

The main idea seems to be clear for me but as usual the devil is in the details. I have no idea how to achieve my goal and by what means (utilities, etc).

I would deeply appreciate any helpful and hammer-way, step-by-step instructions (or any appropriate link) on the above question.

Thank you in advance.


  • imort
    imort Posts: 5


    If I understand you correctly, you like to have Linux installed on your external drive, which is ok! You can boot from it into Mint with no problems. Mint installer will help you to move and/or resize any existing Windows partitions on this external drive too, and it will install GRUB (linux loader) to your external drive too, so don't worry about that.

    But what do you mean by 'activate Linux automatically with no rebooting'?

    You'll need to reboot your computer to boot from this drive, and there is no much alternatives. And you'll need to reboot again to boot your Windows 7 again then!

    So if you need to have Linux working at your PC without any reboot you'll need to install it on any virtual machine you like, VirtualBox for example.

    You can find more relevant info here too.


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