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My little path with Linux

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Hello people of this forum.

Im a very enthusiastic user of Linux and SL.

I have 26 years old and i have my first pc in 2005

This pc (i bought) is a desktop (office pc) he comes with private system installed, i called winderos eheh.

after two years i (bought) and have other computer to my graduate works in university one Toshiba notebook in this period of time im not access to web and without net im unknow totally the existence of other systems for me only exists winderos,

After some time i bought a provider of net (the internet explorer and the words Linux, SL etc are unseen in winderos), after this net coneection my virtual live change completely.

I search many themes in net one time i find some about Linux, after this i start search more and more, i have 20GB of documents with theme Linux - Ubuntu, :laugh: , Slack, Dragora, ....

In this path i contact with free community around world with net, Argentina, Brasil (big community of Linux) Russia, etc.

I installed my first Linux Ubuntu in my notebook in 2009, but

before this i remeber my first attempt to install Linux system is slack but i couldnt install network drivers for the wireless, after this i down Ubuntu in this system same problem and other my radeon dont work, i had some time to install and make works well for my first Linux system, this feat happened with Karmic Koala.

But before this my curious for the theme Linux and SL already impulse me to know more about Linux and SL.

Ok, with my experience about Linux and SL , and as i see the good beneficits of use Linux and SL, the social benefits, and with i see the need to promote this magnific "culture", i create a blog to incentivate others to use free tools in TI`s and pcs or in public spaces this blog dont exist after this first blog i open other to the same objective is



But with my exchange of experiences with comunnity and with my increment of knowledge about SL i observe the need of divulgate free movement systems and Software. I investigate my own comunnity in my country and i discover for example in my region the Linux is very "strange" for the people and the public spaces uses WInderos. ->

Because this i investigate the form to help and to promote the use of free systems and tools in public spaces schools etc, my idea start to merge with the intention to create my own Linux with one image adapted to the middle one image that generate approach to the system... I start with LFS but i dont the necessary know to create a good final work to the system, after this i start to investigate forks, and with Ubuntu and remastersys i initiate my experiences, the result is Flavitu Linux - [ul]http://flavitulinux.tk/[/ul]

Flavitulinux is a seed to promote and give to the people and for one region in concrete one system to serve with example to people and incentivate the use of Linux and if possible incentive to create other custom systems in special in schools, young associations, biblios of my region etc, and of course if possible spread LInux and SL to other comunnitys and spaces in the last time i focused mi attention in poor countrys with - Timor, Guiné, São Tomé, Angola etc, i would like if people of this countrys start Linux fever for me this fact can be extremely important for the quality of development of this peoples and countrys in social areas and cientific areas.

Some Other projects i participate -




My text is very large but explain my path with Linux, sorry for my English im Portuguese.

If you want participate with your ideas to Flavitu i say thanks eheh.

The Linux and SL help me to be better person, i learn, i spread info. is my little diamant.

Im sure more know about SL and Linux (free systems) give to people more quality while persons.

I usually say - i prefer be after have.:cheer:

I hope my testimony help other users to discover the benefits of SL and Linux.:P

If you want of course...



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    Say hello to Otto at epidemic linux for me, and thanks for sharing. You should consider using the users blog also, so more people might see your story.
  • Goineasy9Goineasy9 Posts: 1,116
    First time posters have to go through a moderation wait. After your first blog is accepted and appears, subsequent ones should appear right away. It's just a way of preventing spam posts. Just be patient.
    I am not connected with the approval process, re: the blogs, but I'll try to see if I can bring it to someones attention.
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