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Windows To Linux ?

How Many Windows users that migrated to Linux with your help?

Friends, Relatives, classmates, colleagues . . . etc

I will start.


I am a Unix System Admin, and a part time Computer repair mAn, Usually repairing corrupted or infected windows systems. i do not ever experience to repair a clients Personal Computer running in linux, as a user and a linux admin i know it that Linux systems is less maintained compared to other Operating Systems, thats why my clients that always calling me for repair is converted to Linux, i suggest it to them specially the ubuntu distro because it is very user friendly and my favorite distro.


got many clients to converted to Linux.

I help to promote Linux in my community and in my country

my clients are happy because they do not need to call me every

twice or thrice a month to check their system.


Got few repairs because they converted to Invulnerable LINUX ;)

Releatives And friends

My friends always calling me for formatting and reconfiguring their XP box because is infected with viruses and malwares, so i will go to their house reformat windows and configure it for about an hour and half, after a few days they will call me again with the same problem that s why i when they ask me to format again their PC's i formated it to Ubuntu then when they saw it, they told me that what have you done how can i play my favorite games. then i gave them some notes on how to use linux and what is the benefits " notes that i compose with lots of Ubuntu tweaks and interesting games" so they tried it and after a few weeks i noticed that they are not calling me and when i check my friends their busy configuring their new system and there are happy with it.

as for counting total of 5 relatives 3 friends and 8 clients total of 16 new ubuntu users.



  • vtel57vtel57 Posts: 164
    Oh, three or four so far. :)
  • abrenarabrenar Posts: 117
    keep it up eric thats a low figure. push linux hehehehehe

  • vtel57vtel57 Posts: 164
    I'm still working on converting two of my friends. I should have them completely Linuxified in a few more attempts. ;)
  • abrenarabrenar Posts: 117
    but remember do not force them to migrate to linux,

    follow this simple step go to your friends house and backup his/her files and reformat it to linux, look for his windows installer and hide it under the soil.

  • vtel57vtel57 Posts: 164
    abrenar wrote:
    ...look for his windows installer and hide it under the soil.

    HAHAHA! :laugh:
  • darkixiondarkixion Posts: 41
    I'll be *upgrading* my cousin's laptop from Vista to Ubuntu very soon.
  • BaksharaBakshara Posts: 3
    I have Windows 7 x64 Home Premium
    Now i have Linux
    What I relay want is Linux Fedora 21 (x64)

    Please help me with what I need to do to set up dual boot.
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