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Biast Question, Which Distribution of Linux?

Which distribution of Linux do you believe would be best to offer websites and hosting off of for a small start up business??

Currently I was planning on using Ubuntu Server, but I would like everyones opinion since I am new to Linux.


  • benben Posts: 135
    Some sort of Web App Server ?

    CentOS, OpenSUSE, Arch, Debian if you don't plan to pay support for them.

    RHEL, SLES if you've a payed support contract

    Everything you're familiar if you rely on a community (like linux.com).
  • RickSMORickSMO Posts: 123
    small business website creation and hosting.
  • benben Posts: 135
    If you don't have (or you don't need) a payed support I'll stay for example with CentOS (RH based), Suse, Arch or Debian.
    These distros are more server friendly, installation and upgrading (most important) is quite easy, sometimes you don't have the latest package or feature (Debian for example) but what you want to achieve is stability and you may even don't care about latest releases. Apache, Tomcat, Python, PHP are always available and ready for production servers.
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