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Cube 2 - New fun "quake-clone"

LegacyUser Posts: 0

I just downloaded and ran Cube 2 and its very fun.

Apparently its a new game-engine written from scratch and its really nice.

Some maps are made after popular CS-maps and Quake-maps and its a very simple but fun FPS-game.


They have native clients for MacosX, Windows and Linux and it works just great.

Try it out!


  • Ah, Sauerbraten? It's been around for quite a while, and there are lots of games based on the engine :)
  • Gossamer
    Gossamer Posts: 20
    EDIT: OH GOD, Cube 2. I was thinking of Tremulous; which I really didn't like... there are too many ways to stall it.

    Cube 2 was... alright; some things I really didn't agree with. The graphics are lacking, ditto with gameplay. I don't know, when you play Nexuiz and then play this... you wonder why you're playing it.


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