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Linux network driver

I have been playing around with a hand full of linux os for 7 years now y move away from a good working network driver to this sky driver that is giving every one trubble .i have seen a change from configing softwear to trying to conect to network.

It makes it hard for new useres when u can not get help arfter loading new os .

It is easyer for new users to get help for softwear if thay are conected .

Is there going to be a change or is it going to stay ?


  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    The support community is free in most cases unless you choose to use a paid distribution or choose to opt in for paid support from the developing company or a third party support company.
  • more or less we get 2 class software .if it is good it moves out in to first class to make money .well this is what has happen to madwifi we suport send bug report .inprove it. Then sell out .
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