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How to monetize web application?

Hello Members,
I was facing a doubt for a very long time now, I have recently build a logo maker application now I wanted to ask some suggestions that how can I make that app much better and also earn some revenue from that app?
Can someone tell me some useful strategies?


  • Nowadays, mobile phones have become a necessity for each and every human being and its uses are not limited to calling and receiving messages rather than extended to other activities such as chatting, social networking, playing games, online shopping, bank transactions etc.
    If you want to increase your mobile app revenue you need to follow these different steps-
    1. Try to use deep linking
    2. Make your App User-Friendly
    3. Try to run different app ads
    4. Improve the application sharing for social media
    5. Offer an amazing onboarding to your users.
    Upcoming challenges and competition for mobile applications for all major OS that can be solved with the help of Mobile Application Development Company. These organizations provide you dedicated mobile app developers who develop latest applications for all Operating Systems at affordable rates.

  • Hi, for web applications use google ads, or referral program from popular websites for example: hostagor, godaddy etc..

  • Hey!
    Watch this video, I hope this will help you.

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