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Join Worker node to Cluster LAB3.2

after create Master node i ried to join worker as LAB 3-2
but at first i got error in master node when create token >>
[email protected]:~$ sudo kubeadm token create
W0227 10:04:00.245854 2413218 configset.go:348] WARNING: kubeadm cannot validate component configs for API groups [kubelet.config.k8s.io kubeproxy.config.k8s.io]

[email protected]:~$ sudo kubeadm token list
l7m6it.m9e7favj9hyhjq2u 23h 2021-02-28T09:23:13Z authentication,signing system:bootstrappers:kubeadm:

and then in worker Node i got this >>>

[email protected]:~# kubeadm join --token l7m6it.m9e7favj9hyhjq2u k8smaster:6443 --discovery-token-ca-cert-hash sha256:9aef1fe46c897cbb11bb5ecfe607080ea3167e7e316c8ecad676dd64813e0b30

error execution phase preflight: couldn't validate the identity of the API Server: could not find a JWS signature in the cluster-info ConfigMap for token ID "l7m6it"
To see the stack trace of this error execute with --v=5 or higher

what is my problem ???

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  • chrispokornichrispokorni Posts: 1,065
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @shasha,

    You could try the join instead with the newly created token xisoy4.d78xicc64gf0b6bj or you could try another command on your master node: sudo kubeadm token create --print-join-command, which generates the entire join command with all flags and parameters, that you can copy on to the worker node. As before, I would recommend cleaning up your worker with a sudo kubeadm reset command before running the new join.


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