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Bitcoin and other crypto

Everyone has known about cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin for a long time, of course . Have you noticed how the crypto market is evolving? What other currencies are out there? I'm interested in XRP as one of the most promising currencies at the moment. First of all, it is still realistic to buy at a small price in large quantities, and secondly, it is now in 4th place among a huge list of cryptocurrencies. I have one question. All of the coins are interlinked . Won't the growth of any other assets affect bitcoin price and its security in general? I am more worried about the anonymity of my bitcoins . I'm not as worried about other assets.


  • dantdant Posts: 7

    I understand your question and I can tell you with confidence that you are worrying about security for nothing. Secondly, the Bitcoin Blender is a service that you can use to anonymise your online transactions with ease. For example, I use this one https://bitmix.biz/en .
    I want to buy XRP and Dogecoin myself. Their capitalisation is growing and you don't know what to expect from them in the future.

  • thanks for answering bro

  • Yeah, the crypto market evolves every day and I think we all will be using digital money in a couple of years.

  • kevin24kevin24 Posts: 1
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    I think we already live in a world where most of us use digital money, we pay for the services online and we get our salary on the card. A year ago I invested in a bitcoin project but I was hacked by scammers who stole my personal data and my money. Since then I use some apps and programs that help me to hide my personal data. I use a bitcoin mixer service, it mixes all the transactions and makes them untraceable. This service is really safe and easy to use. There are no logs stored because all the information about you and your account is deleted right after the transaction.

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