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ACEBC Office Hours - Updated days/courses

serewiczserewicz Posts: 887


Please note these will be the course schedule for office hours moving forward:

Tuesday LFS258 https://zoom.us/j/99847301024?pwd=b0tPc1BmdGFqRGwvQjJyaEJmWTBiQT09

Wednesday LFS241 https://zoom.us/j/99847301024?pwd=b0tPc1BmdGFqRGwvQjJyaEJmWTBiQT09

Thursday LFS242 https://zoom.us/j/99847301024?pwd=b0tPc1BmdGFqRGwvQjJyaEJmWTBiQT09
Also running LFS253 https://zoom.us/j/92615267990?pwd=UEpIc21BWU1QZEh0aVFEKzBuSThJdz09

Friday LFS244 and LFS243 https://zoom.us/j/99847301024?pwd=b0tPc1BmdGFqRGwvQjJyaEJmWTBiQT09

You should be seeing this information via email as well. Please reference that for zoom password and other information.



  • Hello,
    these links are still up-to-date? I couldn't find any other official information about the office-hours. Was there an email, is there a link, webpage about it? Can you help me please?


  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 887


    Indeed the ACEBC links appear to be accurate. Office hours are typically held from 10-11AM, US Central time. There are times such as holidays, or when there is an outside conflict the hours may be combined or modified, but for the most part it has continued to be 10-11AM on the days listed above.


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