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lab 1.1

Is GCP account mandatory? e.g., can I use some other cloud provider, DO for example?


  • Hi @zrks,

    You may use any cloud, including DO, or local hypervisors like VirtualBox.


  • Hi Chris, do the labs build on top of each other ? in other words is lab 1 required to complete lab 2 or can I do lab 1 on VirtualBox and Lab 2 in AWS ?

  • Hi @reachman,

    Lab 1.1 exemplifies the creation process of a GCE VM instance because all the following exercises are assumed to be performed in the same environment. However, you can use an AWS EC2 instance, DigitalOcean Droplet, a VirtualBox VM, whatever technology you are comfortable with.

    Except for a particular technology that is explored through many consecutive chapters, the exercises were not built on top of each other across chapters. Any such dependency between chapters is unintentional.


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