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Lab 4.1 Not able to download rest-data-service-app jar

I am trying to download the jar as mentioned in the Lab 4.1 and I'm getting resource does not exist. Please have a look and let me know,
Below is the url I'have been trying to access;


  • fcioancafcioanca Posts: 804

    Please go to the Course Resource page in the introductory chapter and follow the instructions there to download all files needed for labs.

  • vignes86vignes86 Posts: 4

    Hello, Still not able to figure where the jar in Resource section. It only has a PDF file and not jar. PDF provided the link and says A rest-data-service app has been provided to you as a jar file but couldn't find it. Please help

  • vignes86vignes86 Posts: 4

    Attached my screenshot for reference

  • fcioancafcioanca Posts: 804
    edited March 2020

    Please check out the Intro chapter, where all the details on how to access course resources are provided on the Course Resources page, in the Application Files expandable list.
    Thank you,

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