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Looking For Python Ebook

Hello Everyone,

As I am new in this forum, I want to learn python and looking for ebook to learn it. I have visited some sites like amazon to buy python book but I am confused about which one is better to learn as a fresher point of view. Can any developer suggest me some tips?


  • I thought these were good --- and they are free


  • Hi Shivam,

    I am listing here all the best python books, Why they are best you can read out from here:
    1. Learning Python
    2. Automate the boring stuff with Python
    3. Think Python
    4. Learn Python 3 the Hard Way.
    5. Python Cookbook
    6. Fluent Python
    7. Python Crash Course
    8. Head First Python
    9. Fluent Python
    10. Dive into Python

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