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Latest lab tarball is missing files

bryonbakerbryonbaker Posts: 28
edited January 2019 in LFD259 Class Forum

The latest tarball downloaded in lab 2.1 is missing files; it only contains a SOLUTIONS folder. There is no K8sMaster.sh script etc.

wget https://training.linuxfoundation.org/cm/LFD259/lfd259-example-file.1-13-1.tar --user=xxxxxxxxxx --password=xxxxxxxxxxx`

Copying the script from the PDF introduces errors.


  • fcioancafcioanca Posts: 509

    The Solutions file actually contains all scripts needed for labs. Drilling down in the Solutions file you will find all the scripts needed.

  • Yes you are right. I stopped looking after I got to "EXAMPLES" 'cause the setup script is not an example...

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