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LFS258 - New course version now live!

fcioancafcioanca Posts: 554
edited January 2018 in LFS258 Class Forum


A new course version of LFS258 went live today. All the labs in the course have been replaced with new, improved ones, using Kubernetes v1.8. 

To ensure you have access to the latest updates, please clear your cache before accessing the course.

We hope you will have a great learning experience and enjoy the new LFS258.


The Linux Foundation Training Team


  • runlevl4runlevl4 Posts: 1
    edited January 2018

    Great news. I guess I waited just long enough to start. :)

  • fcioancafcioanca Posts: 554

    Also, more content updates and improvements are coming in about 6 weeks.

  • Hi There,

         Thanks for updating this course. I've been waiting for the update for some time now.

        Unfortunately, I'm unable to see the latest content. I continue to see the content prior to v1.8 updates. 

        Removing the cookies and clear site data from Firefox does not appear to be working.

        Any suggestions?



  • fcioancafcioanca Posts: 554

    Hi Roberto,

    The content updates (to Kubernetes v1.9.1) are scheduled to go live tomorrow night (US Central Time). At this moment, only the labs are updated to v1.9.1. Once the course is updated, we will post in the forum, and a notification email will also be sent out. Please be sure to clear your cache when you'll access the course after updates are deployed, to ensure you can access the latest updated content.



    The Linux Foundation Training Team 

  • robertojrojasrobertojrojas Posts: 3
    edited February 2018

    Hi Flavia,

        Thanks for the quick response. 

        I'll take a look again on Friday.




  • Thanks for providing the updates. I can see them now. 



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