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Favorite game?



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  • bofhorg
    bofhorg Posts: 11

    Nethack/Slash'Em (My all time favorite!!)

    through wine:
    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2
    King's Quest 3 :)
    Colin MrRae DiRT
  • I like to play counterstrike.
    and YES its possible to play counterstrike under linux =)
    With the software by TransGaming with the name WineX :p
  • I find that getting games to work under linux with wine to be the best game of all. Yes, I do need a fix like the new FreeOrion or any Texas Holdem'. Then again, I can dual boot to Windows when I get too frustrated with wine.
  • I dont have managed it to play call of duty under linux :(
    But I have heard about that they want money in the future to play cod.
  • I dont have managed it to play call of duty under linux
    But I have heard about that they want money in the future to play cod.

    Make sure to check out wine forums for help about any windows game in linux. Also, all game makers are trying to get more money from gamers and their rich parents. The CEO of Activision sees a $50-60 becoming a $100-120 with the lame add-ons and no support for the modding community. This leaves you with 4 options.

    1. Be a sucker and buy all the games with all their add-ons.
    2. Pay for the original game, but only support hacked gaming mods (like the COD:MW2 dedicated server mod)
    3. Pay for the original game, and stick it to the man by getting his $10 add-ons through less legit means (TPB)
    4. Give up gaming and become a linux hermit/hermitess.

    Personally I've decided to dedicated myself to 4. Though I do play games, but I have a lot more fun getting games work with wine. Besides, there are plenty of bugs that need hunting.
  • nibo
    nibo Posts: 3
    WOW~~i had ever played for about 3 ys,but now ,me too,have no chance to paly any longer,i must work and to the worse , most of the time ,i m on trip
  • Battle for Wesnoth, Quake Live.
  • Mount and Blade: Warband is pretty good.

    Been playing lots of Counter-strike:Global Offensive and Dota 2 recently.
    Rouge Legacy is loads of fun if you want a challenge.
    Really want to get Binding of Isaac: Rebirth hear it's pretty good.
    And nethack of course.

    overall Mount and Blade: Warband is my favorite game.
  • Scorched3D, then Super Tux Kart
  • splashthat
    splashthat Posts: 1
    edited September 2016

    Neverwinter Nights - The best available RPG for Linux. but at the moment I play Spring/BA/CA the most. Awesome RTS, really one of the best out there.

  • Civilization III, IV, V, VI and Freeciv.

  • quick and simple - endless sky

    long but simple - Civ V

    long and I can't accomplish a single thing that I want- EU 4

  • janiya89
    janiya89 Posts: 9



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