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change of distribution


Please, can you change my course distribution from Ubuntu to CentOS? I will be more comfortable with that one.

BR and happy new year 2017!.


  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 918

    Hello and happy new year to you!

    The first labs run DevStack which is deployed to run on Ubuntu. There is not much of a process to get DevStack to run elsewhere. Some have tried but you end up starting over with each major release.

    Later labs run on RDO - which is deployed to run on CentOS. And doens't run much other places. 

    Both will give you exposure to a wide range of OpenStack deployments.


  • Thanks for the info, serewicz. Will proceed with review all labs in the remaining time this week.

    Best Regards


  • serewiczserewicz Posts: 918
    edited March 2017

    The updated version of the labs has been rolled out. Please clear your browser cache to ensure they can access the updated course version.

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