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3.4 GRUB Device Nomenclature

In both GRUB versions, the first hard drive is denoted as hd0, the second as hd1, etc. However, in version 1, partitions start counting from 0 and in version 2 from 1:

sda1 is (hd0,1) in GRUB 2 but (hd0,0) in GRUB 1.

sdc4 is (hd3,4) in GRUB 2 but (hd3,3) in GRUB 1.

Wouldn't sdc by hd2?


  • coopcoop Posts: 691
    You are absolutely correct, thanks for finding the error and we will fix in the master files!

    Jerry Cooperstein
    Training Program Director, Linux Foundation
  • adamherstadamherst Posts: 25
    It's ironic that the line following the example says "There is no need to emphasize that getting confused about this can be rather destructive" :-).


  • adamherstadamherst Posts: 25
    In the example, /boot is said to be on its own partition (/dev/sda1) but the first example stanza shows root=/dev/sda2. Should it be root=/dev/sda1?


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