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Newbie here

Always wondered about Linux since like 2002. I am having a hard time down loading it...always get spam or buy this or buy that. I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 I just bought and I'd like to install Linux on it. Can I install Linux on it with no other operating system already on the hard drive? I'm so lost....I shouldn't be...I have been farting around with computers since 1988. I see disks for sale on Ebay but I hate to spend money if I can just download it myself. Does anyone on this forum live in Lagrange GA that can help me out?


  • arochesterarochester Posts: 290
    Can I install Linux on it with no other operating system already on the hard drive?
    if I can just download it myself
    look at (1) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto and (2) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick

    The Dell 1100 has a maximum of 512Mb RAM. You would be better with Xubuntu or Lubuntu.
  • kastookastoo Posts: 5
    Thx will do
  • kastookastoo Posts: 5
    It wants 16 bucks to download...thought it was free?
  • arochesterarochester Posts: 290
    Where are you thinking of downloading from? Can you post a URL?

    I know that Elementary OS, by default, suggests $10, but you can still download for free.
  • kastookastoo Posts: 5
    I found Linux mint with cinnamon for free...downloading now but How to burn ontocd so it runs when inserted into cd drive to target hd?
  • arochesterarochester Posts: 290
    Because of its size Linux Mint is a DVD install.

    Can you burn a DVD?

    Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu. Look at the Ubuntu How to Burn.

    Just remember to change the BIOS/Boot Order so that it boots from the disk before the Hard Drive. Install will go on the Hard Drive. If necessary change the BIOS/Boot Order back.
  • kastookastoo Posts: 5
    Gees after 3 hours said didn't download....what a pain
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