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Best Linux server with Hardware to use for mid size business

Can anyone please tell me which is the best Linux server to use for mid size business? User is not well versed with Linux. It should have good documentation and support. Also which is best Hardware to be used?


  • My suggestion would be a Dell PowerEdge as far as hardware goes. There are multiple options for various budgets. I can even recommend buying a used one from a reputable reseller.

    Software-wise, my first pick is Debian 64-bit; it is very stable, easy to update, and has a large number of free software packages for it. It will support print and file services, active directory via Samba 4 if you want to use a Windows domain with Windows desktops, and even DNS and authentication services. You do not even have to install a graphical user interface if it will be managed solely over the network, but if it makes the server administrator more comfortable to control the server locally, there are various desktop options available for free.

    Naturally, there are many hardware/software combinations; these are only my recommendations based on personal experience.
  • mfillpot
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    If the are interested in going the commercial route which includes certification and training classes as well as an active customer service and support team you can look into RedHat http://www.redhat.com/products/enterprise-linux/server/.

    But if you are looking to save a few bucks and go the community route then the Debian development team is very good, their software releases are very stable, developers are active and community based support is very good.


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