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Pandora 18 Problems.

1) Why does only about half of the mozilla web page load when I go to any website?

2) Actually even in the set up menu when I install Pandora, the next buttons and such don't even show untill I move my cursor over them.

3) The media players do not work at all, even with the installed media devices and programs, and it won't let me install VLC media player.


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    edited March 2013
    Hey Omec,

    Which Linux distro are you using? If your Linux distro has a software center (Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint...) than you can easily install VLC and Pithos (a Pandora client for Linux) with ease. If you are using WINE to install Windows apps, that's probably not a good idea. WINE is infamous for breaking down, not applying the app, sudden crashes, corruption in code, etc. The best solution is to use native Linux apps.

    Now, as far as half of the mozilla web pages loading up, are you using a native Linux version or a windows version? And if so, have you updated your firefox install? Both of those could potentially be the problem.

    And, please, the more detail the better.

    Thank you for your question,

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