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Fedora on OpenFirmware

trainhappy Posts: 1
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Is it possible to put fedora on openfirmware? I have an old imac g3 255 ghz 96 mb and 6 gb hdd. Will fedora work on openfirmware, and how big of a hard drive will it support? From what I read the old iMac's will only support up to 128 gb hdd.

Edit: It also has a cd drive, no dvd drive


  • Hey Trainhappy,

    I mean absolutely no disrespect, but your iMac is far to old for any modern distro. (Short of minimalist distros such as Puppy Linux.) The average distro requires nearly 1 GB of RAM, and about 800 Mhz worth of processing power. And if you did happen to dig for an OLD Fedora distro, it would not be supported in any way: so no apps (short of the apps already included in the OS), no web browsing, etc. A digital "paper weight".

    I truly am sorry for the bad news, please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

    Sincerely Yours,


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