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Hello, World, from Toppenish!

fisheater Posts: 7
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I see this is a worldwide forum, hence the greeting. There is only one place in the world named Toppenish.

I have used GNU/Linux almost exclusively for four years, now. Very few others here even know what Linux is. Still others act like it is treason to speak of anything but that dominant OS from Redmond, across the Cascade Mountains from here.

My avatar is a photo taken on the Columbia River before The Dalles Dam flooded ancestral fishing grounds. One of my earliest memories is of the untamed Big River. It was an awesome, deafening, wondrous place where salmon seemed never-ending. I'm grateful for seeing it.

Freedom lives on even if becoming as tame as the Big River is now. Linux is one place I can go and know something of it, again. Ironic, isn't it?

Hope I can be of some help at some time to someone.


(This is what the Lakota called us, translated, so it's what I call myself. Proudly.)


  • Hey Fisheater,

    I don't mean to sound repetitive, I genuinely appreciate you coming on to the forum. I've seen a few of your posts; thank you for helping out, the more the merrier. I know exactly what you mean by Linux and freedom, that's one of the many reasons why I use it as well. Maybe the support we provide will help to grow the small Open Source and Free Software movements out of it's infantile, desktop user, state.

    Well, I hope you do well on the forum, and again, thank you for your help. Just let us know if you need anything, we will try to do our best.



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