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I have a question related to hardware and a possible purchase

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Currently i am running lubuntu on my core 2 duo 6500 4gb ram 512 mb vid ram nvidia geforce 9300m. Ok so basically i am trying to figure out if i should purchase another laptop for better performance definitely nothing over 500 dollars us. I am currently have a 250 gb hard drive on the laptop but i use my 500 gb external to boot lubuntu and honestly i am totally falling in love with linux all over again. (i've been putsying with it on and off since ubuntu 6.06 or so. I am not very well versed in programming but would like to get to know more as a side hobby if anything. I like to run my emulated games on linux, n64, ps1, gba,gbc,gb,nds,snes,nes,genesis, master system,saturn,i think you get the idea. i am also trying to replace a program in windows that i use frequently thats converts my downloaded comics into smaller sizes for my phone called comicrack. I was thinking i might be able to write a script to literally unzip/unrar the file resize the images and rezip or rerar it and saving about 60-75% of the size. The rest of my computer use is basic internet stuff like flash, pdf's epubs. So basically i know i do not need to the biggest of performance jump because honestly the graphics dont make much a difference except maybe to make sure i can run it on my monitor that is full hd 1920x1080p. other than that graphics requirement if its better than what i have it should do me fine i think. also if anyone can point me in the right direction for ps2 or gamecube emulation on linux if it is at all possible i would appreciate it. Oh and also i have tried sabayon i just do not like the fact that its harder to find pre-done binaries for it if it is not in the repository. Thank you very much and have a great day.


  • R22000.

    I fully respect that you are on a budget. As a matter of fact, I'm on one to. Want to know how much? $0.00 :D

    The thing is though, $500 just wont get you very far in terms of laptops anymore. Either you can buy a laptop with passable specs, and have it die on you in the next year for $500: or you can shell out about $700-$800 for a laptop that should hold up for a while. Though I see that option #2 really isn't an option for you at all.

    It seems to me that your laptop should do JUST FINE for what you want. Except maybe the whole graphics card thing; but how much cheaper would it be to send it in and get someone to put a better card in it for you, then to buy a whole new laptop? I think that your current rig (again, except the graphics card) is JUST FINE.

    And did I mention that it's JUST FINE? I really wanted to make sure I said that it was JUST FINE.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'd be glad to help however I can.
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    I have two Core 2 Duo laptops, and they both run full blown KDE systems without any sign of slowing down. I agree with Izzy1512, your hardware is fine. Sure, with newer hardware, you could save a few seconds here and there, but, nothing worth the price of a new machine.

    It might be worth doing some research into how to optimize lubuntu. I bet fully optimized, you would notice a speed up that would make you think twice about needed a new machine.
  • Now when you say optimize lubuntu, what exatly do you mean i do not have much programming, scripting command line based knowledge but would be willing to learn if someone could point me to the right literature or webpages. Thanks.
  • mfillpot
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    The optimization he is speaking about relates to using a lighter WM like xfce4 to save resources, modifying the swappiness so RAM is used before swap space and potentially enabling or changing kernel modules.

    Your laptop is good enough to accomplish the tasks you listed, but newer hardware is never frowned upon, You can checkout newegg.com to see what is currently available as of right now there are a few good ones. I recommend staying away from win8 hardware because there is a risk of have eufi enabled and locked.

    pcxs2 is a ps2 emulator. http://pcsx2.net/

    The dolphin emulator can emulate wii and gamecube. http://dolphin-emulator.com/


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