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Favorite game?

What's your favorite linux game?

For me, it's a tie between Tremulous and Nethack. B)



  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,180
    I can't set a definite favorite, so here are the games by category.

    For FPS - Urban Terror
    For Arcade Style - Astromenace
    And to kill time - lbreakout
  • Hmm, I have to chose between FreeCol, Simutrans, Nexuiz and Urban Terror. I think UT makes the deal.
  • mhangman
    mhangman Posts: 4
    world of warcraft... but can i play it? no :D
  • tombhadAC
    tombhadAC Posts: 1
    Neverwinter Nights - The best available RPG for Linux.
  • At the moment I play Spring/BA/CA the most. Awesome RTS, really one of the best out there.
  • AZorin
    AZorin Posts: 2
    Super Tux Kart all the way!
  • LKP
    LKP Posts: 5
    not much of a gamer but doom 3 for me :P
  • fianno
    fianno Posts: 3
    Has to be Enemy Territiry for me :laugh:
  • Scorched3d - Scorched Earth revisioned in 3d

    Bomberclone - Atomic bomberman clone

    Wormux - Worms: Armageddon clone
  • Xipher_Zero
    Xipher_Zero Posts: 48
    I'd have to say Enemy Territories: Quake Wars (Not Open-Source but works beautifully!) and Nexuiz!

    Both of these are fantastic FPS shooters and are great for an adrenaline packed experienced.

  • abrenar
    abrenar Posts: 117
  • Guzanof
    Guzanof Posts: 14
    fceu, FlightGear, Counter-Strike and Diablo II under wine.
  • Xipher_Zero
    Xipher_Zero Posts: 48
    mhangman wrote:
    world of warcraft... but can i play it? no :D

    I just loaded a guide to getting WoW running well in WINE. I wrote this a few weeks ago for a friend and he was up and running that day. I uploaded it to my blog section here on linux.com here is the direct link:


  • isaac
    isaac Posts: 17
    Linux native: Frozen Bubble is crack

    WINE: Lord of the Rings Online
  • atreyu
    atreyu Posts: 216
    DOOM and DOOM ][


    1. they will run on my craptacular laptop
    2. they do not require wine (nothing vs wine)
    3. the MUSIC!
  • darkixion
    darkixion Posts: 41
    I would have to say Freespace 2 using the Freespace 2 Source Code Project. Still an awesome game, even to this day.
  • [ol]
    [li]Quake III Arena[/li]
    [li]Unreal Tournament 2004, then 2007 (with linux installer on disc!)[/li]
    [li]Frozen Bubble[/li]

    Quake 3 is still my top favourite but I have not gamed in Linux in so long. My home PC is left on the XP partition since all I do after work is World of Warcraft and sleep.
  • Xipher_Zero
    Xipher_Zero Posts: 48
    Is there a Native client for Unreal Tournament 3 ..... I thought that the client's development had stalled
  • Xata
    Xata Posts: 1
    Savage2 and Nexuis. Sometimes Sauerbraten, but Linux games lacks good car racing game. The only worth racing project from my point of view was Racer, but now it is closed-source and not developed for linux any more :(
  • phisphere
    phisphere Posts: 3
    i'm not much of a gamer, but occasionally it's nice to let some steam out with 30 minutes of fps.

    * enemy territory
    * urban terror

    Xata wrote:
    Savage2 and Nexuis. Sometimes Sauerbraten, but Linux games lacks good car racing game. The only worth racing project from my point of view was Racer, but now it is closed-source and not developed for linux any more :(
    unfortunately i must agree.
    if you're interested, i can recommend live for speed, which is free (base version) racing simulator and runs very well under wine. it's also light on resources for a racing game.
  • arno911
    arno911 Posts: 1
    my favorit game is Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, and i enjoyd playing ET Quake Wars (newr, not better^^)

    if i need a break for 5 minutes, I play the good old asciijump !!
  • Gl Tron all the way!! http://gltron.org
  • darkixion
    darkixion Posts: 41
    I forgot to mention World Of Goo, which is graphically awesome, even on my netbook! I bought a copy after playing the free demo.
  • thanks for sharing the world of goo game with us. I have never heard of this one. Went to the website and saw that it is 20 dollars but there is a downloadable demo.
  • disi
    disi Posts: 11
    currently installed:

    puzzle game: einstein (warning is addictive)

    wine: Red Alert 3 :)
  • ravi_buz
    ravi_buz Posts: 3
    For some mind less bombing i choose scorched 3d
  • lostson
    lostson Posts: 3
    Alien Arena is alot of fun Enemy Territory, nexuiz, Open Arena are all fun but my favorite of all time is UT99.
  • CoderMan
    CoderMan Posts: 6
    All around, probably LGenerals. It is a Panzer General clone.

    Also, I have been having a lot of fun with FreedroidRPG lately. As far as FPS, Nexuiz is pretty good, maybe Alien Arena as well.
  • Naiki
    Naiki Posts: 7
    Second Life is still my fave linux native game :)
  • Rovanion
    Rovanion Posts: 73
    When it comes to Linux native games it's absolutely OpenArena. That game is just genious.

    Trough Wine it's World of Warcraft. Why o why did they drop the development of the Linux native version?


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