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Ok, i just installed backtrack 5r1 gnome on vmware. I bought a netgear wg111v3 usb adapter to use with backtrack. Throughout the 16 hours ive wasted on this topic ive noticed you have to be able to see wlan0 in "ifconfig" and "iwconfig"

to be able to see wireless networks around you... how do i do this... PLEASE PROVIDE SIMPLE!!! STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS... I am very new to the linux envoironment...AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE... PLEASE AND THANK YOU


  • tedixh14,

    I can't give you SIMPLE!!! STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS for everything, but I can tell you that your wireless usb adapter does not have Linux native drivers ( to my knowledge ) and needs ndiswrapper to work correctly.

    This really only matters however if your host is Linux, not the VM.

    So what OS is the host machine that you're running your Backtrack VM on? Windows, Linux (distro), OS X?


  • Mason,
    First of all, to answer your question, my physical computer is running windows... and you said something about ndiswrapper.
    I dont know what that is. Can you tell me what i have to do?....
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    Since you are running backtrack in a vmware virtual machine you do not need to worry about the physical device drivers for backtrack, you only need to set the networking for the guest VM to use a bridged connection from your physical wireless card, the bridged connection will appear as a ethernet connection in the VM.

  • im sorry if the way im saying things is leading you to the wrong idea... i do have internet... the thing that i want is when going to wicd network manager to be able to see wireless networks...
  • and i want to turn moniter mode on...
  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    When using backtrack in a guest Vm you cannot access the physical wifi as a wifi connection, it will be passed to the client OS as an ethernet connection which will halt wifi scanning and monitoring capabilities.

    If you want to run backtrack with real wifi capabilities, then you should run a physical installation from a CD, USB drive or hard drive installation.
  • tedixh14,

    Sorry I disappeared on this one, mfillpot's advice is solid.

    Check out this link for simple instructions on creating a Backtrack USB key.

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