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ARRgghhh my netflix doesnt work really stating not to like linux!!!!

Someone please help!!


  • Goineasy9Goineasy9 Posts: 1,116
    Netflix does not work on Linux, because of the DRM (Digital Rights Management). I've heard of folks using Wine to run it, but I have never tried myself. It works on Android because the carriers impose DRM in their versions of Android.

    If anyone has got Netflix running on a Linux install, I'd be happy to learn about it. Right now I have it running on my Logitech Review (Google TV box) on my TV. It also runs on my Wii. I'm also about to cancel Netflix because the streaming version has little variety, and, many of the choices don't function correctly. I'd rather go back to the mail version, at least I can play the DVD's on my Fedora install and the variety is still pretty good.

  • GoinEasy speaks the truth.

    Here's a link about various methods that do not work before you spend time trying them: link. It summarizes things by saying a VM with windows is the only feasible option to watch netflix on linux that we have for the time being.

    One other thing to point out that does very little to solve the problem of having a Netflix subscription and wanting to use it on Linux is that Amazons streaming service works fine with Linux. The selection isn't amazing but I believe it's close to Netflix. I got a Prime account to get free two day shipping on the million things I seem to order over the course of a year and the streaming comes packaged along with it at no extra cost.

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