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easier then I thought.

I want to add to my php/sql experience. so I went to install them on my system. I browsed, is searched, I read, I downloaded ... then I just went to add/remove and typed in my sql, apache, etc. They installed like that. Kinda need instructions on how easy this is.

So, I loaded mysql database, apache http server, and php scripting language. in each of the groups there was a whole bunch of stuff that would work with these things. most looked like utilities that would be cool but not unnecessary.

"Here is the question".

What do I really really need to install to get these all to work?? I'd hate to spin my wheels because I missed something.


  • The short answer is you don't need anything aside from Apache/MySQL/PHP themselves to get started. If you've installed them through your package manager as it seems you did any important dependencies will already be installed.

    Just start working with them, if there is something you missed for a specific task you are trying to do it will be readily apparent in your apache/php logs and easily installed in the same manner you installed everything else.

    It really is that easy ;)

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