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I did download kubuntu 11.10 and try to install but it do not work. First I set "start from DVD" but the computer do start from harddisk. Than after it show me

"chroot: can`t execute dpkg-divert : input/output error"

After download and burning DVD I compare the burning files and the program tells me that all will be ok.

What will be the problem?

Old Windows Settings from years ago?


  • Goineasy9Goineasy9 Posts: 1,116
    What kind of hardware are you trying to boot the LiveCD on? How much memory does it have? Your line "Old Windows Settings from years ago" sort of gives me the feeling that this is an older computer.

    From what I've seen looking for this error with Google, the advice was given to try a different CD burner, at a lower speed. Possible not over 4X.

    Since you didn't give us much info, you might want to take a look at the Google page I came up with and see if any of the folks who had a similar error come up, might explain your problem.


    If you still have problems post back with all the info about your hardware etc., and maybe we can give you some better ideas.
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 0
    edited December 2011
    Reburning the CD at 4x or lower will definitely help eliminate possible errors in the process.

    If you're still getting weird errors after that, try downloading a small LiveCD distro like Damn Small Linux and see if you can burn that and get it to boot correctly. If you can then it may be an issue between your hardware and the distro/iso of the distro that you're trying to use.

  • I did the download with Mandriva and the burning by k3b-ISO with the lowest speed (2x) by using the first computer.
    My first computer are ASRock M3A770DE, AM3 dual-core, 8 GB RAM, Radeon HD 5450,
    the second MSI K9N6PGM2, AM2 dual-core, 4 GB RAM, Gainward 8400GS.

    When I put in the DVD my first boot-device are CD-Player in BIOS (DVD) but it start from HD. After 4 or 5 times starting the computer it begins to start from DVD, but very slow (need till 10 min starting) and than are following all the error-messages.

    At least I try the i386- and amd64-version of kubuntu 11.10.
  • miniouche,

    It could be something with your DVD drive. If you have a USB pendrive handy get an image of your distrobution that can be put onto it ( almost all modern distros provide this somewhere on their download page ) and try booting from that.

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