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Do Flip Flops Cause Bunions?

With summers comes airy dresses, ice creams, and your favorite funky pairs of Flip Flops. However, are they your favorite if they are a cause of pain? Flip Flops increase the effort in walking with foot deformities like Bunions.

As much as you want to flaunt a beautiful pair of flip flops with your manicured toes, most paediatricians recommend not to choose this shoe wear. It is a contradicted pair with all foot deformities that can cause knee and hip pains.

There is a reason why flip flops are not liked and advised by foot specialists. Among the most obvious reasons, they can cause progression in your Bunions. Flip flops solely may not be the cause, but they aggravate the symptoms.

The pain increases and even an airy shoe like flip flops are challenging to wear. Find out what factors of flip flops make them undesirable for the recommendation of doctors!

I have listed the major issues faced by most of the Bunion affected population. If you can make adjustments in those, then you are in for luck!

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