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Public Folder Migration to Office 365

Users looking to migrate the Exchange public folder to the Office 365 platform as a public folder of the Exchange Server are the prominent and trusted part. The Public Folder also includes critical information that no one wants to lose under any circumstances, but there is always the possibility of losing or being unavailable for several reasons.
Since the Public Folder is supported by Office 365, we'll show you how to migrate your Public Folder to Office 365.

Methods to migrate Public folder to Office 365

Though Microsoft provides native migration solutions for public directories to Office 365/ Microsoft 365, the migration complexity varies depending on the on-premises Exchange Server version and environment.
The manual method for migrating the Public folder to Office 365 comes with a limitation that cannot be over-ruled while choosing the approach for the migration of the public folder to Office 365:

• Only the Exchange administrator can run the migration as it requires various permission in both on-premises and Office 365.
• It is not preferred to use manual methods when you need to migrate a large size public folder.
Best option to move public folder to Office 365
To make the Public folder migration to Office 365 process simpler, you can look for professional migration tools. Shoviv Exchange Server Suite is one of the most reliable tools to move Exchange public folders to the Office 365 platform in a lesser time. Some prominent features include:
• The tool is a picture-perfect utility for moving Exchange public folders to Office 365 while maintaining the folder hierarchy and data integrity.
• It provides you the option to preview added source mailboxes before starting the migration process.
• This software includes user-centric features to ease out the migration process.

We have talked about the different ways for Public folder migration to Office 365. But having said that the manual method holds complexity, preferably it is better to go with a professional tool that can perform the migration task easily.

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