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Delivery Management Software - Features

Deliforce's Last Mile delivery management software offers companies complete solutions for tracking, diagnosing and eliminating problems related to its fleet management.

Software Features:

Unlimited Users & Jobs
Advanced Dispatching
Route Optimization
Real-Time Driver Tracking
Driver App
Automatic Customer Alerts
Customer Feedback
Proof Of Delivery
Manage Fleets/Logistics
Data & Business Intelligence
Scheduling + Payroll
Home Delivery Management Software
Unlimited Integrations


  • everly10198everly10198 Posts: 2

    Delivery management software is gaining high popularity in the current new norm market and business people are ready to invest in the food delivery sector for generating profitable revenue. Going for the advanced features of the food delivery software will improve the service standard and able to withstand among the top competitors.

    Advanced features of the food delivery management software

    Multiple-route optimization,
    Route planner for quick delivery,
    customizable delivery orders,
    Enriched resturant dashboard,
    Seamless order management.

    Preferring these features can enhance the delivery experience and make the delivery service quick in the market.

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