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You can monetize your Idle server or Idle bandwidth by Mining Meson.network tokens

jwmesonjwmeson Posts: 1

What do you need to know about traditional cryptocurrency mining?

People who are familiar with crypto mining know that the essence of crypto mining is the competition of the power of calculation. That is a painstaking, costly, and only sporadically rewarding process.

It is very difficult for ordinary people to start mining because of the heavy investment, both time and money. As the news reported crypto miners in China were bulk buying RTX 30 laptops to mine Ethereum. It is obviously organized by the organization.

Some people say if GPU mining is costly, I would like to try cloud mining, CPU mining, ASIC ming. The reality is no matter what kind of methods you are using, it needs to invest money and time. Do you need to ask yourself questions like how much money you would like to invest? Do you want to own a rig? All that might change the way of mining. Meanwhile, you need to consider which cryptocurrency you would like to mine. Will that cryptocurrency value is influenced by the market and so on?

Therefore, is there a new way to change the situation? Is there any opportunity for normal players to get involved in the crypto market? The answer is yes!

What is new now?

The layer 2 blockchain technology might solve the costly problem of traditional cryptocurrency mining.

Layer 2 blockchain technology is often referred to as an ‘off-chain solution’. Its main purpose is to scale blockchain transaction capacity while retaining the decentralization benefits of a distributed protocol.

The burden of the base layer(root chain) was released partially by layer 2 platforms and protocols while processing data. In this way, the blockchain network can handle much higher transaction throughput.

Menson.network is a good project for normal miners. It was built to accelerate CDN distribution by blockchain layer 2 solutions. This project is friendly to small and medium miners. Because it does not need extra investment. The idle broadband can be used to mining the tokens. For the details, you can google meson.network.

Meanwhile, if you can to know more about this project and talk with me about the investment, please don't be hesitate to contact me on telegram @jwmeson

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