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iLinux OS - A new Debian (Stable) based distro.

Hey there!

I recently tried iLinux OS https://ilinuxos.com and i was really impressed. So i decided to write a few lines about this distro.

Searching for a bit for an easy Linux distro with Persistence (save changes) that can run from a USB stick, i found iLinux, a Debian (Stable) based distro.

A buddy send me the link and despite my initial reservations about the big download size i decided to give it a go.

The first thing you notice is speed. For a Linux distro with such delicate and pleasant interface, it is fast even in a 2012 Intel Celeron CPU...

Where Gnome and Ubuntu are crawling iLinux runs smooth...

I found it very convenient for me that it has so many Apps pre-installed.

Themes and icons have pastel colors and in result they are very relaxing to the eyes, even after long use, especially if combined with Screen Light https://ilinuxos.com/screen-light.html

iLinux interface is a mix of Mate, Tint, Openbox Menu and Plank Dock with many interventions and custom Apps, which i found very functional.

iLinux may look as a toy at first, but it goes very deep in terms of design and it is obvious that a lot of work has been done to cover the needs of every user, successfully in my opinion.

A noticeable fact is that the interface structure increases the task execution speed by a huge factor, which saves me precious time.

I loved iLinux Start https://ilinuxos.com/ilinux-start.html and Easy Access https://ilinuxos.com/easy-access.html , but i adored Amazing Right Click Menu https://ilinuxos.com/amazing-right-click-menu-and-super-actions.html and Semantic Folders https://ilinuxos.com/semantic-folders.html

Also, iLinux Menu https://ilinuxos.com/ilinux-menu-and-smart-links.html is very speedy and well organized even when the hierarchical menu has to access thousands of files.

I was especially impressed by the fact that many Custom Settings and Custom Apps are embedded in Mate Control Center https://ilinuxos.com/control-center.html , which now is more functional than the Default.

I found iLinux Software Store https://ilinuxos.com/ilinux-software-store.html to be very functional, since it embeds Button Links for Gnome Software Store, Snap Store, Steam, Packages, Synaptic Package Manager and App Images.

Of crucial importance was the fact that iLinux recognized iPhone, iPad και Android Phones and Tablets, and thus letting me transfer Photos, Video and Data.

Installation instructions are very simple and straight through, even for Beginners and Novice users.

As a user that experiments with Linux and uses Windows and Macs daily, after using iLinux for 2 weeks i was impressed by it's mature design, it's attention to detail and it's mainstream orientation.

It's clear that iLinux is not an experimental Linux Distro. It is a product that simply works out of the box...

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