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ACEBC Office Hours - Updated days/courses

serewiczserewicz Posts: 761


Please note these will be the course schedule for office hours moving forward:

Tuesday LFS258 https://zoom.us/j/99847301024?pwd=b0tPc1BmdGFqRGwvQjJyaEJmWTBiQT09

Wednesday LFS241 https://zoom.us/j/99847301024?pwd=b0tPc1BmdGFqRGwvQjJyaEJmWTBiQT09

Thursday LFS242 https://zoom.us/j/99847301024?pwd=b0tPc1BmdGFqRGwvQjJyaEJmWTBiQT09
Also running LFS253 https://zoom.us/j/92615267990?pwd=UEpIc21BWU1QZEh0aVFEKzBuSThJdz09

Friday LFS244 and LFS243 https://zoom.us/j/99847301024?pwd=b0tPc1BmdGFqRGwvQjJyaEJmWTBiQT09

You should be seeing this information via email as well. Please reference that for zoom password and other information.


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