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what is your hobby and why?



  • evelinaevelina Posts: 6

    @ndhxuid55 said:

    My hobby is numerology [https://numeroscop.net/numerology_chart/] . This activity is quite unusual and very interesting. Numerology is one of the areas of esotericism about numbers and their connection with human life. Each number has its own unique vibration. The special properties of numbers have been used throughout the entire existence of mankind. Cosmic cycles, symmetry, rhythm and even astrology are based on numbers.

  • Everyone has different hobbies but mine is unique and different from others. My hobby is to collect fashionable samurai clothing and stuff related to samurai because i'm huge fan of Japanese samurai armor tradition.

  • my hobby is to collect different sorts of shoes and different brands shoes and majorly i've a great number of adidas and nike collection like nike and adidas skate shoes or like Sb Zoom Blazer and SB Zoom Stephen and many more.

  • sahrenitysahrenity Posts: 3

    I enjoy watching Baseball! It's my hobby. I watch it together with my dad and brothers. We love to spend time together at weekends and holidays. https://news.amomama.com/213795-fans-criticized-espn-30-30-documentary-l.html - we also watch movies and documentaries about the greatest sport in the world.

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