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Peer channel create error

Hi ,

while creating the channel using 'peer channel create' getting below error.

Error: got unexpected status: FORBIDDEN -- config update for existing channel did not pass initial checks: implicit policy evaluation failed - 0 sub-policies were satisfied, but this policy requires 1 of the 'Writers' sub-policies to be satisfied: permission denied

thanks in advance.


  • rbolerbole Posts: 1

    do you have more informations on this error ? do you have setup up the config.yaml file into the msp dirs?

  • ravinayagravinayag Posts: 1

    @lokesh17 , with minimal error, i suspect two areas, 1, check your configtx.yml at version section and 2. genesis file is not able to read by orderer for some reasons, like path issue, file access issue, file name issue....
    If you need more support, do share your docker logs of orderer and configtx.yml

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