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Powerpoint Tips and Tricks

We all had the experience of attending boring lectures and conferences, often accompanied by poor visual presentation. But what distinguishes a good and a poor presentation? Knowledge about Powerpoint Tips and Tricks.

Your speech may be accompanied by a poor visual presentation or your presentation file may not deliver your message beautifully. Here we will remind you 10 tips that will make a dramatic change to your presentation files.

More simple more beautiful

You want to convey your message and words to your audience through your slides. So you should never leave your message in the chaotic slides and confuse the audience. Don't worry about free spaces in slides and don't fill them with blurred images. Give comfort to your audience.

Get rid of the ridiculous templates

We strongly recommend not using the default software templates. They are extremely boring and monotonous. Be creative and go with creativity.

This is a visual presentation, not an article

Never and never put long text in your slides. No one will read them! You're going to speak and the slides will graphically represent your talk.

Forget the bullets

No one remembers a lot of bullets. Describe each in separate slides. If they aren't that important, remove them easily.

Use legible fonts

Choose fonts that are readable and not boring. The text and header font size should not be the same.

Don't fade your text in the background

Put your text in a colour box or highlight your text colour when using a dark background.

Don't turn your slide into a rainbow

If your target audience is not children, do not use many different colours, such as amusement and kindergarten.

Highlight important tips and texts

To draw attention to a specific word or a part of a text, highlight or bold them in your post. Or change their colour.

Use visuals objects

Instead of writing an important sentence as usual, show it graphically using visual objects.

Beauty is going on

We strongly recommend using transitions but do not overdo it. Add a cool effect to your slides. Occasionally use transition for content as well.

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