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Just tried to install Ubuntu and now I'm livid.

Furious1964 Posts: 3
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Went through the entire process for setting it up to run along side Windows and when it came to selecting the city I live in...it didn't recognize it. I live in Montreal and the option to continue was greyed out every single time I tried to select my city. Move it to another city...not greyed out. Back to Montreal...greyed out.



  • saqman2060
    Perhaps the city Montreal is part of a time zone region. You may have to select the region to get the correct time.

    What region are you in?

    Example of Time Zone Regions:
    1) Newfoundland Time, including SE Labrador
     2) Atlantic Time - Nova Scotia (most places), PEI
     3) Atlantic Time - Nova Scotia - places that did not observe DST 1966-1971
     4) Atlantic Time - New Brunswick
     5) Atlantic Time - Labrador - most locations
     6) Atlantic Standard Time - Quebec - Lower North Shore
     7) Eastern Time - Ontario & Quebec - most locations
     8) Eastern Time - Ontario & Quebec - places that did not observe DST 1967-1973
     9) Eastern Time - Thunder Bay, Ontario
    10) Eastern Time - east Nunavut - most locations
    11) Eastern Time - Pangnirtung, Nunavut
    12) Central Time - Resolute, Nunavut
    13) Eastern Standard Time - Atikokan, Ontario and Southampton I, Nunavut
    14) Central Time - central Nunavut
    15) Central Time - Manitoba & west Ontario
    16) Central Time - Rainy River & Fort Frances, Ontario
    17) Central Standard Time - Saskatchewan - most locations
    18) Central Standard Time - Saskatchewan - midwest
    19) Mountain Time - Alberta, east British Columbia & west Saskatchewan
    20) Mountain Time - west Nunavut
    21) Mountain Time - central Northwest Territories
    22) Mountain Time - west Northwest Territories
    23) Mountain Standard Time - Creston, British Columbia
    24) Mountain Standard Time - Dawson Creek & Fort Saint John, British Columbia
    25) Pacific Time - west British Columbia
    26) Pacific Time - south Yukon
    27) Pacific Time - north Yukon

    Ubuntu supports hundreds of languages which would mean it supports the majority of time zones if not all. Discover the time zones ubuntu supports or supported time Zone regions. Then determine that time zone region Montreal is located in.

    Selecting Time Zones in Ubuntu

  • Furious1964
    7) Eastern Time - Ontario & Quebec - most locations

    I don't see why it shouldn't allow it. I clicked on other areas in that time zone and the continue button was active half the time. That could be a bug in the installer.
  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    edited December 2014
    It appears when installing Ubuntu offline, your system will only use included packages on the installer media. A file called zone.tap is used to configure time zones in Ubuntu.

    Zone.tab, before 2013, included time zones for both Montreal:America/Montreal, and Toronto:America/Toronto and these zones could be accessed during offline installation.

    During the 2013 release of the tzdata package, both these time zones have been merged into one time zone region that covers Ontario and Quebec locations. You will have to pick "Eastern Time - Ontario & Quebec - most locations" to get the time zone for Montreal.

    Ubuntu 14.04 bug report for the Montreal time zone

  • Furious1964
    Ah...but I wasn't offline. I had an Internet connection and tested it with Firefox. I was able to go to different sites.
  • saqman2060
    The file zone.tab was designed for offline installations.

    However, whatever changes were made to that file are now permanent. Even if you install ubuntu using internet services, the only option for Montreal time zone is "Eastern Time - Ontario & Quebec - most locations

    If you specifically need Montreal time zone, you will have to contact the maintainer of the tzdata package and create a new argument.


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