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Hey Everybody

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Hey Everyone, glad to finally be here! I've been using Linux for a while now, and finally settled down with Fedora after four years of trying out distros. (And as a direct result, FIXING Linux distros for four years.) so I have a little bit of knowledge on it, but I'm no where near the Linux Guru level. ;) For right now, I'm just trying to surf the site and offer a little bit of help where I might be able to give it. Or maybe just hop in on a conversation in the blog pages. As long as I can contribute to the Linux project by helping with "customer service"; I'm happy.

Hope you guys have room for one more,



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    Welcome Izzy1512, the more the merrier. Visiting and seeing if you can answer questions is great. We need more folks helping out and sharing knowledge. It doesn't matter what your experience, if you can help great. Hopefully we'll return the favor.
  • welcome aboard :)
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