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One example for community - my activity to spread Linux / free software / freedom community...

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My intention with this post is give to our community one example of activity that can we do to promote and seed information about Free Environments with good impacts in social community environments.

In November and December of this year the Municipal Council of Chaves & I with my project Flavitu-Linux offer a Formative activity connected to the theme Digital Inclusion - Social Inclusion.

The frequency of this activity was free, any person can assist to the sessions , the various themes wich we approach some of them:

1- Physical Environment - Hardware.

2- Graphical Environment - software- virtual environment - Window managers.

3- Office Suite - LibreOffice / MsOffice.

4- Internet - How you can use this mega channel to collect/recollect and spread info.

5- Hacking Mind Security.

6- Free Software -Linux- Free Community (Social / Scientific / Economical - Impacts)

7 - Practical - Boot a Linux cd / pen in one machine to install Linux - to make free one machine computer.

This activity ocurred in sessions of 2 hours.

The people like the themes and in the hacking and free software themes the insteres increased.

The formative activity gives to the assistence one idea of computers with a machines which can help in our social and individual knowledge, sharing with others, make projects in community, take information with TIS, and know the potential of free environments (specially in public spaces) to make more best scientific, social, or learning results.

Consequently one world with more and best humanity practices.

Give to this people (in may cases) without any contact with a computer / or less contact one opportunity to know the digital world and the potential of his and promote a window to make lives of they persons a little better.

The people smile, play, and know the world of Linux , Freedom movement, and free software, and like extremely the activity.

All of them reach good results.

I suggest to any reader of this post to promote and do activities like this.

You can view some photos of the activities and read more in the Flavitu page- (in portuguese)



If you think probably you can!

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