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remote ip with perl script tools

Assalamualaikum war,wab.

hello brother..

last time i had coding new script perl

with this scropt we can remote computer with ip and port from Linux..

its usefull for me..

so chck these out

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# connect and send commands to remote ip:port.
# the tor network is used for anonymity.
# usage: perl eript.pl <ip> <port>
# Rizky Ariestiyansyah
# greetz : Devilzc0de . Indonesiancoder . IndonesianHacker . Id-backtrack

use strict;
use Net::SOCKS;

my ($sock, $conn, $pid);

# setup tor connection (defaults are used)
$sock = new Net::SOCKS
(socks_addr => '',
socks_port => 9050,
protocol_version => 4 ) || die "$!\n";

$conn = $sock->connect
(peer_addr => $ARGV[0],
peer_port => $ARGV[1]) || die "$!\n";

print "port $ARGV[1] is open\n";


$pid = fork();
if ($pid) {
while(<$conn>) {
print $_;
kill("TERM" => $pid)
} else {
print ">> ";
while(<STDIN>) {
print $conn "$_\n";

i hope this usefull for u,,

the tutor include in the script..

just run script with

perl source.pl





:woohoo: :P

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