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Swaps file -Is it possible to change?


I can not put my laptop to Hibernate as the error message is 'not enough swap'

My laptop has 1.2 Gb RAM and the /proc/swap file shows me it has

Filename Type Size Used Priority

/dev/sda6 partition 596988 0 -1

I would like to extend the size of the swap partition.

However I have read that I need to add an extra partition or file.

As the swap file can be edited, the question is:

- Can I change the value in the swap file to RAM*2 without having to add a new swap partition?

Thank you!


  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    The output of /proc/swap is only showing what is available, you cannot change it that way. You must delete/make a new swap partition or extend the current partition. It is also possible to create a parsing file in a partition and set it as swap, but that may have a negative effect on the performance.
  • Hi mfillpot,

    Thank you for your kind and quick reply.
  • woboylewoboyle Posts: 501
    Also, see the "swapon" command.
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