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YAST -- (1st Thread)

I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on Novell's Yast?


  • mikesdmikesd Posts: 11
    I think it's one of the most intuitive and easiest tools to use I've had the pleasure of using on any linux distro.
  • It would be a great tool for newbies and admins alike. I have no problems editing config files but sometimes I find it easier to just use YaST. Also its better to have a single program for system config than having different programs for different tasks.
  • bofhorgbofhorg Posts: 11
    it's IMHO the only central system administration package for linux that actually does its job.
    Mind, YaST used to be utter crap, but since YaST2, that is of the past. Nowadays I'm very happy with YaST2 and would suggest that other distros adapt YaST2 too.
  • YaST was actually coded long before Novell purchased SUSE. I'll say this, as far as system administrating goes, I still much prefer the command line...but when it comes to needing to make quick changes it truly is the best tool.

    Although I think everyone should have CLI skills, it is true that more Linux distributions need a centralized administration point like YaST. It would help with the adoption as you don't require as much specific experience with Linux to utilize it.
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