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HonoCMS (asp,php,jsp.net) auto code generate





HonoCMS - is php/mysql content management system (CMS)

1.Danymic web page update 2.Address Book

3.Admin Control Panel 4.Contact Form

5.Image Manager 6.Preview Link

7.Content Manager 8.Module

9.Template 10.Banner Manager

11.User Manager 12.Navigator

13.Search 14.Polls

15.Q&A 16.Board

17.Menu 18.Component

19.Backup 20.Video Manager

21.Download 22.Ads

HonoGenerate- is buit by java swing

1.run cross platform

2.integrate with HonoCMS

3.Import table from database

4.suport muti-language

5.suport muti-database

6 auto generate php ,database backend code

7 auto generate c#,asp.net,database backend code

8 auto generate asp,database backend code

9 auto generate jsp,javabean,database backend code

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