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alsorts not working

At last I got something to work .I went to http://www.pendrivelinux.com/usb-ubuntu-netbook-remix-install/ and installed Ubuntu Remix 9.04 on a 1gb flash drive . IT WORKED and I now have an Operating system again but of course I lost all my Photos , Music , Files and Settings . I’m hoping someone here can just help me with a few minor problems that ive came across .

1 . How can I Back up everything so I don’t have to reinstall everything again if I have problems in future including downloaded Programs and files and settings .

2 . The wireless light no longer lights up to show that its finding a wireless network .

3 . Limpus Lite that came pre installed would automatically connect to my Net gear Wireless router without me doing anything , now I have to left click on the top and select it manually although it’s the only one listed and shows its already been recognised .

4 . I downloaded Limewire and can find it but the advice from http://www.unixmen.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=96:howto-install-limewire-on-linux&catid=1:linux-tutorials&Itemid=2 was to install it with the Ubuntu Package installer , WHERE IS IT ? I only got Synapic and when I click on the Limewire file it says open with Gibie ?

5 . CAN Freecall or any other VOIP telephone system be installed on the system .

6 . The recorder dosent work either via the built in mic or a plugged in mic , just gives a clicking sound when I playback .There has to be a way to fix that or they wouldn’t have included it as standard pre installed .

7 . Where can I see a tree like schematic of the components of a system , im confused with all the diferent names , I want to know what is what , i.e. , Linux , Fedora , Ubutu , Deban , im not even sure what I have other than Linux Ubantu with Firefox .

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